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Top HR Technology Trends: What’s Emerging in 2018?

Published on February 16th, 2018 by Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

Each year brings new changes, particularly when it comes to technology. Organizations that remain on the cutting edge position themselves to take advantage of emerging systems that can offer real benefits for their employees and clients. In this way, it's imperative that stakeholders remain aware of the emerging solutions making waves in their industry sectors.

Today, we're taking a closer look at the top technology trends taking hold in human resources in 2018. Let's examine some of the most valuable tech strategies and solutions to consider this year:

Incorporating AI

Artificial intelligence is finding increasing applications across nearly every sector, and this includes human resources. This year, more technology vendors will look to include AI features and capabilities in their HR-aimed software offerings. As Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 report notes, AI will help software provide an easier and more streamlined user experience.

"AI is already learning more about our individual roles, behaviors and actions to personalize how we use HR and other business software," noted WalkMe president and co-founder Rephael Sweary. "With greater advancements in 2018, HR will significantly reduce learning and development budgets and resources, as technologies can contextually guide people on how to use any system."

Person pointing to AI icon among other icons including "Computer," "Knowledge," and "Technology." Artificial intelligence will bring new capabilities to HR software in 2018.

Moving from automation to productivity

In recent years, a top priority for many HR teams was to automate key processes to eliminate unnecessary, manual work and provide more time for employees to focus on more pressing, mission-critical resourcing matters. Now, as Deloitte analyst Josh Bersin noted, automation isn't really a strategic advantage anymore – it's more a "business as usual" process for HR teams.

In 2018, the focus will shift from automation to productivity. HR teams should now hone in on their overall agility and ability to be team-centric while supporting employee engagement and reducing burnout. HR teams will require unified and integrated software solutions to enable the level of productivity the industry requires today.

Leveraging feedback for a beneficial employee experience

HR teams will also leverage digital surveys and analytical tools to get a better idea of the type of experience their company is able to offer employees. Experts are predicting an explosion in the use of open feedback tools that can be used to glean a more transparent view of the workplace.

"HR teams should now hone in on their overall agility and ability to be team-centric."

"I believe this explosion of transparency has been very healthy for business, and it has spawned a new set of pulse surveys, AI-based analysis and recommendation systems, and culture assessments throughout the marketplace," Bersin wrote.

Supporting employees with digital assistants

As HR teams continue to increase their focus on the employee experience and overall engagement, businesses will look to incorporate conversational platforms into their HR capabilities. These platforms work similarly to digital assistants like Siri and Cortana, and can enable better interactions between workers and HR platforms.

Before companies look to deploy the latest and greatest tech strategies, it's imperative to have a robust foundation for HR operations. Businesses require technology that can support critical functions like talent management, benefits management, payroll and attendance tracking, recruitment and employment screening and more.

To find out about current HR technology needs, as well as top emerging strategies, connect with the experts at Triton Benefits and HR Solutions today.

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