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4 challenges facing HR professionals in 2018

Published on November 29th, 2017 by Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

Looking ahead to 2018, there are a number of challenges facing HR professionals. These hurdles reflect changes in workforce demographics and available technologies and can be overcome and even taken advantage of.

Leadership development

"Traditional hierarchical organization of staff is changing."

Villanova University reported that a study commissioned by the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations found leadership development was ranked as one of the top concerns for global human resource management. Ensuring the most capable employees for future leadership roles are recognized and cultivated is critical and necessary process for HR – especially in light of quickly changing workplace standards and trends.

Dealing with gig economy

According to, working with the growing segment of workers in the gig economy, or remote workers offering their services through contracts or freelance work, could be a challenge for some HR professionals. Companies will need to assess whether they have the infrastructure in place to train new hires that may be temporary, off-site or both. This is in addition to creating or enhancing systems that allow in-office and remote employees to access company documents and software.


A greater emphasis will be placed on teams in the future of the workplace, according to the HR Trend Institute. Companies are shifting away from traditional hierarchical organization of staff to a more team-based model of work intended to maximize productivity. This also includes improving upon already existing networks of collaborators.

HR professionals are encouraged to rate which areas of business could best benefit from having teams conduct work together rather than as individuals.

Employee training

New trends and opportunities are arising in how employees can learn and receive training on company knowledge. Companies can now outsource their training to third-party companies that specialize in positions-based teaching sessions, according to HR Dive.

Businesses have also been looking to virtual reality technology to give employees a more immersive training experience. HR Departments will have to determine what kinds of training and learning tools will work best for their companies.

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