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Smith is a restaurant group based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, which in the last three years has expanded to locations in Burlington, Jersey City, and Philadelphia. From a European brasserie to dance-club pizzerias, Smith has been instrumental in the revitalization of downtown areas in our great American cities.  


With five restaurants and over 600 employees, the one-person HR department needed support for all things HR and Employee Benefits. 

Following the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the business struggled to figure out how to comply with the new regulations. Though some advised Smith to simply offer nothing to workers and pay the resulting government fines, the restaurant group wanted to provide benefits to their ever-expanding workforce.


As an authorized ADP Broker Alliance partner, we were able to transition Smith to the ADP Workforce Now platform in a more seamless and cost-efficient manner. We took over the process on behalf of an overwhelmed HR department that was making do with a staff of one, and we continue to provide Smith with a comprehensive and dedicated HR team that is “always there and available,” in the words of Smith HR Department lead Aurora Brunette.

By creating benefits solutions for Smith’s employees, we have also helped the restaurant group retain their best bartenders, cooks, and managers, and continue to recruit top talent.

Jewish Renaissance Medical Center Case Study
Jewish Renaissance Medical Center

The Jewish Renaissance Medical Center, Inc. is dedicated to delivering preventive and primary medical services to the underserved and the uninsured population in a culturally competent environment, regardless of race or ethnicity.


Jewish Renaissance Medical Center was receiving employee benefits and HR support from a vendor that wasn’t managing their health insurance costs or leveraging any HR technology. They were spending too much and getting too little.


We took over all aspects of Jewish Renaissance’s HR and benefits administration, including managing open enrollment and providing in-person HR support. We implemented a more cost-effective medical insurance plan while improving coverage, and transitioned them to the ADP Workforce Now platform, configured and managed by Triton, tying benefits and HR together for seamless integration.

In year one, they saved over $140,000 in medical insurance costs. While some brokers will decrease costs in the first year and then incur a substantial increase in year two, Triton utilized both ADP and carrier data to ensure that their premiums for the following years remained stable.

Contech Systems, Inc. Case Study

Contech Systems, Inc.

Contech Systems delivers precisely-matched IT resources for contract and direct hire openings. Clients trust our technical insight and professional integrity, developed over more than 25 years in the industry.


Contech Systems Inc. was overpaying for health benefits and receiving mediocre coverage. Each year, their premiums would rise, and coverage would fall, frustrating both their management and employees. They needed better coverage with more predictability in terms of premiums.


Our expert staff used their experience to implement innovative solutions, including a level-funded plan that not only saved money, but enhanced the medical benefits for all. By taking advantage of level-funding, Contech has an opportunity to receive money back each year with no risk. With access to more affordable prescriptions and services like telemedicine and wellness programs, employees were happier and healthier.

In the first year, Contech saved over $82,000 on their group health insurance, and are projected to save even more in years to come.

Puracap Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Puracap Pharmaceuticals

Puracap’s global presence in prescription brands, prescription generics, and Over the Counter (OTC) products, including private label products are growing. Their team meets market needs through innovation – introducing cost-efficient models to establish new product lines, utilizing global distribution networks and ensuring our products are made in world-class manufacturing facilities.


Puracap Pharmaceuticals was looking for a new comprehensive HR solution and needed a professional reexamination of their benefits. Puracap was tired of receiving health insurance premium increases at the last minute and not having any creative solutions to lower costs. Finally, their workforce grew to three facilities in three separate states, introducing new HR complexities. They needed a partner with the expertise to analyze their HR and benefits offerings, make recommendations, and implement new solutions with no interruption to their business or existing employees.



Triton’s Solution: Puracap engaged Triton, and we implemented ADP and their Workforce Now payroll and HR platform. Triton assisted in preparing the platform, managing the implementation, making it seamless for Puracap to transition.

At the same time, Triton analyzed Puracap’s employee benefits and determined that they were overpaying for their group medical insurance. Triton switched Puracap to a new insurance carrier and different funding mechanism, making them eligible for money back at the end of the year with no risk. Triton oversaw and managed open enrollment for over 100 employees at three separate offices in three different states. Between in-person and call center support, we ensured that Puracap and their employees were covered.

Immediately, Puracap benefitted from dramatically reduced rates with better coverage, including a wellness program that rewarded employees who availed themselves of it. By providing, and actively managing payroll, HR, and benefits, Triton utilizes robust data to provide the best strategy to manage ongoing costs.

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