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Our Group Health Benefits & HR Solutions helps businesses navigate the complex world surrounding employee benefits and human resources.

Payroll Services and
 Technology That Delivers

Gone are the days when payroll companies just cut paychecks and managed tax filing. Payroll technology now plays a vital role in delivering a single, web-based platform designed to integrate data, eliminate spreadsheets, manage talent, improve operational efficiencies and create robust reporting. Triton HR
delivers one of the nation’s largest payroll and human resource services to small-, mid- and large-sized businesses. Every aspect of the employee life cycle, from recruitment to COBRA services, is now united and easy to manage.

Our Approach to Payroll Services

The world of Triton HR is centered around understanding your payroll services and HR needs so we can offer the most suitable technology for your business. As we conduct our payroll needs analysis, we consider the size of your company, overall business needs, and budget. We LISTEN to your concerns, goals, and past experiences, using these to build a proposal that accommodates your payroll needs. We take the following standard approach with all payroll platforms:

We take the following standard approach with all payroll platforms:

Conduct a thorough needs analysis to determine the most cost-effective solution for
 payroll services

Prepare a cost-effective

Design and review
 the conversion
 schedule and implementation plan

Gather company information and employee data for a smooth conversion

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