MLD Mortgage

Case Study


Headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, MLD Mortgage Inc., dba The Money Store® is a full service mortgage banker with a strong focus to provide highly competitive, responsible mortgage loans to everyday homeowners in 48 states with over 300 employees. For over 40 years, The Money Store® name has been synonymous with mortgage lending and meeting the home-financing needs of homeowners with low rates and exceptional customer service.

As a full-service mortgage banker, they can offer a wider range of mortgage programs to suit almost every borrower’s situation.


In 2011, MLD Mortgage switched payroll services to Triton Benefits & HR Solutions. As part of this change, the firm opted to review its group healthcare plan as they examined employee contributions to see what works best for them. Employees at MLD Mortgage needed plans in 48 states with a specific plan in Hawaii. To examine MLD Mortgage’s needs, Triton Benefits worked closely with David Zilberman, the firm’s Chief Financial Officer.

“As a leading full-service mortgage banker, employee retention and recruitment are paramount to increasing employee productivity, morale, and satisfaction,” explained Zilberman. “Providing group healthcare options for our employees and their families is a key component to our firm.”


As part of its process, Triton Benefits worked closely to understand MLD Mortgage’s benefits needs, taking into consideration the range in age the types of:

  • coverages
  • plans
  • cost
  • contributions

The process included providing various options and then further analyzing what was the cost optimal for its employees. It ultimately recommended United Healthcare for 48 states across the country and Blue Cross Blue Shield for Hawaii, and which represented the best plans.

“Chemistry is key,” added Zilberman. “Whenever we have a question Triton is just a phone call way, and they go above and beyond in meeting our needs and making sure all our questions are answered as quickly and efficiently as possible.”


Comparing the current plan to the previous, MLD Mortgage’s coverage amounts were odified and the self-funded benefit plan via United Healthcare was more comprehensive to what the firm previously had, thus proving to be most ideal for all employees as the base healthcare plan offered by MLD Mortgage is free for all employees. The firm has been working with Triton benefits since 2011.

Triton Benefits worked with us closely to meet our specific needs and analyzed a myriad of options to efficiently identify what the best self-insured healthcare plan was to offer our employees,” said Zilberman.