Mid-Atlantic Transport

Case Study


Established in 2018, Mid-Atlantic Transport is a trucking company headquartered in Willingboro, New Jersey. The company was established by Jerry Shields who saw an opportunity to offer enhanced customer service through a team of experienced drivers and knowledgeable internal staff.

Today the company has 45-plus employees and road drivers.

With strong core values and family-like culture, Mid-Atlantic Transport continues to invest in its people. As part of the company’s competitive compensation plans, Mid-Atlantic Transport offers a comprehensive healthcare package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as short-term disability.


In October 2019, Mid-Atlantic Transport switched payroll providers and selected ADP. With open enrollment under way, the trucking company explored various healthcare plans. ADP suggested Triton Benefits & HR Solutions as one of many insurance brokers to offer healthcare options. Triton Benefits worked closely with Mid-Atlantic’s President, Jerry Shields, and Office Manager Kristin Loreaux, to closely evaluate their needs and budget.

“Each year we are confronted with balancing the needs of our people and offering quality healthcare coverage within a reasonable budget,” said Shields. “Most brokers tell you what you want to hear and focus on costs, but often this approach does not overlay with our company requirements and standards.”


Triton Benefits took the time to navigate through Mid-Atlantic Transport’s healthcare benefits needs, examining:

  • the range in age of employees
  • types of benefits plans
  • individual or family plans
  • associated costs

“Triton Benefits went out of their way to understand the nuances of our team and presented several options,” added Shields.

Part of the process included benchmarking against other companies in its industry and geographical location to ensure Mid-Atlantic Transport’s benefits offering was competitive.

Aetna was ultimately recommended as the ideal plan for Mid-Atlantic Transport and represented a significant costs savings.

“Brokers have a tendency to sell you their product, rather than understanding your process and evaluating your needs,” said Shields. “Triton was extremely upfront and involved and kept their word every step of the way – that level of honesty and transparency was a differentiator.”


The healthcare benefit plan provided by Aetna was the most comprehensive and cost-effective compared to what Mid-Atlantic Transport had previously. Moreover, Triton Benefits was able to save the trucking company approximately 15% annually. Recently, the company renewed with Aetna for the second year with a zero percent increase.

“Triton Benefits went out of their way to understand our process and made sure we understood theirs,” added Shields. “I highly recommend Triton Benefits to any of my peers specially when it comes to finding the ideal healthcare plan for your organization.”