Florio Perrucci

Case Study


Florio Perrucci Steinhardt Cappelli Tipton & Taylor LLC is a full-service law firm with offices strategically located throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. With 80-plus attorneys and legal professionals, the firm was started by former New Jersey Governor James Florio and Michael J. Perrucci, a well-known litigation trial attorney with numerous million dollar federal and state cases.

The firm advises clients in a diverse range of industries and practice areas, from banking, commercial lending and real estate to municipal law, government, and regulatory affairs, to name a few. To attract and retain top talent, the company offers comprehensive compensation plans that includes healthcare.


In September 2019, Florio Perrucci switched payroll services to ADP. As part of this change – which coincided with open enrollment – the firm opted to review its group healthcare plan. As an ADP Partner, Triton Benefits & HR Solutions was highly recommended and competed among several insurance brokers to offer group health options. To examine Florio Perrucci’s needs, cost and culture, Triton Benefits worked closely with Charlie Braxmeier, the firm’s administrator and Terri C. Davenport, human resources and accounts receivable coordinator.

“As a leading law firm, recruitment and retention are critical to maintaining our high standards,” explained Braxmeier. “Offering group healthcare options for our attorneys, personnel and their families is critical, and is one of the key differentiators of our firm.”


As part of its process, Triton Benefits invested time to understand Florio Perrucci’s benefits needs,taking into account:

  • the range in age of personnel
  • types of coverage
  • associated costs

The process included benchmarking against others in its industry and region to make sure Florio Perrucci’s benefits offering was competitive. It ultimately recommended Cigna which represented the best plan.

“Triton Benefits was very responsive to our situation and needs,” added Davenport. “Under their guidance, we were able to provide a better plan, comparing apples to apples, with better options, and at a significant cost savings.”


Comparing the current plan to the previous, Florio Perrucci saved approximately $30,000, representing a 10 percent reduction in annual premiums. The benefit plan via Cigna was more comprehensive to what the firm had prior, thus offering tremendous value to the company and its team.

The firm is now in its second year with Triton Benefits. In addition to providing a quality, robust benefits package with a marginal increase, Triton also helped Florio Perrucci navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, offering HR best practices and other advice during this tumultuous time. Triton Benefits extensive HR team was able work with HR to manage state and federal compliance and ensure Florio Perrucci took advantage of all programs it was entitled to.

Offering advice to other HR managers, Davenport said, “When considering a benefits broker, be sure to find one that really dials into your specific business needs, as this will be key to identifying the best plan that fit within your budget. Triton Benefits provided the most responsive customer service which differentiated the company from the others we evaluated.”