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What does human resource management outsourcing mean?

Published on July 13th, 2017 by Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

No matter how long you've worked in human resources, you've likely heard the term outsourcing tossed around before. While you may have a basic understanding of what it means, staff augmentation can work wonders for your company's human resources department. Outsourcing these responsibilities essentially means contracting a third-party organization to complete them instead of performing obligations in-house.

Although this decision may seem like a huge leap of faith – after all, you are entrusting crucial duties to another leadership team – it also comes with benefits, including improved productivity and cost effectiveness as well as increased ability to focus on other aspects of the business. HR outsourcing can be a long-term endeavor or utilized on a project-by-project basis. Due to its scalable nature, businesses can bring this assistance in-house or take advantage of aid that is delivered over the phone. 

Here are some of the responsibilities you can take off your plate by outsourcing your human relations management:

General HR duties

To keep employees engaged in their roles while ensuring responsibilities are being met, businesses must conduct regular measures related to performance. Reviews, career pathways and other strategic planning actions are crucial to a company's success. HR outsourcing can take care of all of it.

Performance management

HR leaders have a lot on their plates. Employee well-being and government compliance may take up a fair amount of their time, but there are other duties to consider as well. Outsourcing HR management allows a third party to oversee the creation of an employee handbook while also completing other general HR duties related to the job.

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These days, there are so many local, state and federal regulations companies must keep track of, it's exhausting. In-house HR managers may become overwhelmed of frequently ensuring their organization is adhering to critical rules, so why not let a leader in the field take on the obligation? Third-party organizations, like Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, offer expertise with a variety of important responsibilities, including compliance with the Affordable Care Act, labor laws and more.

Employee recruitment

Third-party organizations will work with your company to understand what kinds of candidates and accomplishments you're looking for when searching for new employees. These companies will then actively post jobs, seek out interested and diverse parties and perform background checks on approved applicants. With this assistance, the recruitment process will be that much easier for employers, as most of the hard work has already been completed.

Worker retention

While finding new employees is an important responsibility of any company, keeping those workers happy and engaged is even more crucial. Businesses want to reduce their attrition rates at much as possible, as more talented candidates are attracted to workplaces boasting a high satisfaction rate. Outsourcing your HR capabilities will allow third parties to develop, propose and implement retention strategies you may not have previously considered.

Outsourcing HR management can seem like a big step, but it doesn't have to be. Triton Benefits & HR Solutions is a third-party organization that can handle all of the aforementioned obligations and much more. With their help, companies will receive a partner they can trust.